Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sounds From The Underground

I know I said I wouldn't but I just happened upon the monastic Wifi... and I feel I have to comment.

Tony Blair: enough.

I snuck to the car to listen to the 5pm news today. On it they said that 280 (mainly civilian) deaths had occurred on the Lebanese side, 28 (half civilian) on the Israeli side. That is not suitable retaliation. Nor are the 46 bridges out, the massive attack on infrastructure.

And our erstwhile PM, having been snubbed by GWB, is now toeing the line and giving the Israelis a few more days to bomb the crap out of Lebanon.

I can't imagine what the heck he thinks he is doing? Being George's friend? News Tony.. its his second term.. no point in being his friend.. specially as he can barely recall your name! Securing contracts for the reconstruction? Maybe, but wen we can't build a national stadium on time we're hardly likely to get to rebuild Lebanon!

This was a chance for TB to stand alongside a sensible EU call for a ceasefire. To offer troops for an extended UM force (which will be useless but its a nice thought). To dealign ourselves from the maniacal foreign policy of America.

You blew it Tony. And with blowing it, you blew the chance to avoid the creation of another Hezbollah. Thank you for co-creating another 20 years of tension and bloodshed.

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