Sunday, September 06, 2009

Back From Holiday..

I'm sat in my snug watching my new telly (thank you +John). Its 2pm and I am still in my pyjamas, enjoying the last 24 hours of holiday. Its been a good two weeks: I think I have clocked up a couple of thousand miles one way or another, driving to Bristol, flying to France, road tripping back and doing the ferry, a sneaky look at the college renovations, Devon, Luton and back to here.

I feel rested, refreshed and pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been to switch off.

But now, its time to gear up. I am excited about the next blast. This term is when I start to really do my stuff in the estate. I have a plan, written I hope prayerfully, and it starts its roll out now.

Phase one of the plan is allowing my heart to get broken by this place. Its about being soft and yet strong I think. I'll try and update as much as I can here.

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