Monday, October 09, 2006

You are what you watch!

Its a long held thought that the more West wing I watch (in one go) the more likely I am to be found stalking down corridors, asking people to walk with me and wondering whats next.

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That I can handle but today I think I am experiencing a new phenomena: Dawson's angst. Having never really gotten into Dawsons Creek as a biddler it has been lent to me in order to increase my connection with the energing generation. I watched the first three episodes yesterday and since then have been suffering from what I can only describe as teenage angst!

I'm slightly sullen, everything is a big deal and wherever I am, I am followed by an cutesy acoustic track! What is to become of me!


Linda said...

I've never watched Dawson's Creek -but that sounds like my life. It was a very recent Friday night when I was moping around listening to Madonna's very sober and sad ballad Live to Tell on Magic Radio at 2am

Gavin and Emma Owen said...

Hmmm having recently got cable I'm watching a lot of DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER on Bravo - not got a mullet yet but have picked up some of his methods at work.

jude said...

Gav- please never grow a mullet.. am assuming of course that its you not emma.. in which case ditto!!!

Michael said...

Last year I watched too much Scrubs. Am just now getting into House. You are what you watch? In both these cases, I hope not!!

jude said...

Could be worse.. you could be watching All Creatures Great and Small