Friday, October 13, 2006

Just call me Mrs Relate!

I've always walked, well teetered precariously along a line between relating to young people as a teacher and as a youthworker. The two roles are pretty different in some ways.. but just occasionally you get a bit of cross over that makes you realise that teaching doesn't have to be all about achievement.

I had to give a bunch of year nines detention this week. Nothing massive, just constantly distracted and chatty (don't smile til Christmas!!!). So they turned up- on time- yesterday lunchtime. There were two form groups represented. And then it came out- unbeknown to me I had unwittingly put all three elements of a love triangle in one room.

With a little coaxing (and help from S) we soon got to the bottom of it- tension dissipated as the lads shook hands. The girl was happy that it was all ouit in the open and that she was less confused.. they left saying it was "the best detention ever".. should I be happy about that?

Ach well.. it was a nice moment before I fill out reports. Not only do we have attainment grades, effort grades and homework grades we also have to mark 1-12 on the following: resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness, reciprocity, written communication and relationships with others. Thats nine grades for 180 young people in the next week! Hmm..

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