Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back in the room

A couple of days ago I started a post called; "ever felt like God wandered off?". It was about the absence of God just when you feel like you need him most. And I meant it. I think I'm just glad I didn't publish it. Why? Well mainly because in just one day my perspective has changed.

God's been talking quite a bit about waiting for good things to happen- just about everyone I know has been saying He's got such good things. But I just feel like sometimes we have to wait till the very end. Its like that passage where Saul is told to wait for Samuel to pitch up to make the sacrifice. He doesn't do it.. he thinks Samuel has let him down and does it himself. Then right on time Samuel pitches up and tells him off..

And so, right on time (just after you think you need him most), God pitches up.. with good things!

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rach said...

Yayyyyyyyyyy. Well done you. Miss Teacher. Nice one. Hurrah hurrah hurrah. You're so gooooooood.