Friday, November 25, 2005

You May Be Pleased To Know...

That I got into the Reading Boiler Room (though frankly the car was warmer!)

Today you join me sat in the Boiler Room (first day in for a week today!). We are starting a 24-7 week in couple of hours.. and to be honest its all a bit weird. We barely have anything signed up. Very odd.. even people who would nromally be around have disappeared (please don't ANYONE think this is a dig.. its not). Kind of leaves you wondering really..

I guess a bigger thought is how do I react to that? Normally I would fight I think.. make loads of phonecalls and stuff.. but this time I really really just want to curl up and be looked after through it all. I'm not sure if I'm a bit sick or if I lost my fight, or if just maybe God is doing a new thing in me..

I feel really childlike in it.. wanting my Dad to wrap me up in a big blanket and lay me down on a heavenly sofa- just wanting to know that He is present in the background while I lie in a darkened room. I don't want to go and play in the park I just want to hear his voice through that semi sleepy haze..

If you are so inclined then do pray.. not sure what for.. you get to choose!

Bless you all

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