Tuesday, July 08, 2008

London Day 5

London Day 5 was an interesting and wet one!

I pottered in the morning, did midday prayers, popped to church house to see if they were stocking purple in women's sizes (joke.. was looking for Hebrew Bible but they had nothing that wouldn't look odd on a train!).

Came back to do 3pm prayers and got talking to someone at the drop in cafe.. Took Bramble out for a w.a.l.k. just when it started to howl it down with rain. Got wet. Got wetter sat in the doorway of church talking to E.

As was cold and wet decided on cinema over Russian cellos.. Saw Prince Caspian! and was fed lovely food by Sarah, and saw Hannah W into the bargain!

Image of the day below.. most likely true.. stuff to ponder.

London Day 5

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