Saturday, February 23, 2008

Road trip part 1

Yes, its half term, and so after about a day and a half of being chez le palais de peche I was ready for a little sojourn around the country.. So on Wednesday I headed East.

First stop coffee in Hammersmith with Sarah (well actually first stop was Membury services for a wee but you don't need to know that!).
Then it was down to the City Boiler Room for a bit of a chat with some lovely 24-7ers from around the globe. I'm kind of excited!
Left there and went to the new house of Warwick. "Helped" unpack a bit more and stayed in the lovely spare room.. did take about 40 minutes to go the three miles to get there as the Emirates had just kicked out!
Thursday: having arranged at 11pm to see Steve I made my way to Belsize Park for coffee, drunk outside in the increasing cold, observed by cheeky pigeons! Left there and drove past David Walliams towards Luce's... Spent the afternoon watching Spooks under a duvet (think I started getting a little bit poorly at this point!).. had lovely dinner, wended our way to the South Bank. Had hot chocolate from a bowl, hung out with the Flan and lots of slightly uber cool people in the National Film Theatre..
This morning (after crazy dreams about throwing up.. didn't actually throw up.. I hope).. made my way to London Colney: had coffee (see a theme developing here?) and journalled for a bit. Given that I had cried at Chris Moyles Birthday celebrations on my way, I figured that I needed some speace to get my head in order!
Then had tea with lovely Mrs West! Was very good to catch up.. more thoughts later on walking on water! Lunch with Kate, tea with parents, sympathy with my sister (she has an abcess, has to have woot canal!). Then more space, then hang out with gordon, leslie, sarah, kaspars, zana, jo and kate.. and samsom the cat.. now watching Black Books with Kate.. and doing this.. the most detailed blog I have done in ages!

Tomorrow is Lorraine, and I WILL BUY PANNIERS (a little known funk quartet.. no.. ) on the way back to Brizzle.. whereupon I shall start sticking things on my world map!

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Joe said...

I wrote a long comment to this based around your phrase 'drunk outside in the increasing cold' but realised I can't have posted it. (Fortunately probably)

Take care, love (substitute) little bro.