Wednesday, May 31, 2006

An unhappy dilemma

It was bound to happen. Signing up for the Church of England will inevitably mean having to make sacrifices. But is this really one I have to make. As I met with the DDO he suggested that I go to see the next diocesan synod meeting. I dutifully rang up to reserve a visitor pass and found out that its very soon.. June 10th in fact. Yes, sports fans, that will be the very date of England's first match in the world cup! Is it a test, I ask myself. Are they wanting to see how dedicated I really am to the idea of vicaring. Have they not realised that there will be a sports wall planner next to my church diary?

What would Jesus do?

What will I do?

What do you think?


Kieran Murphy said...

I think you call them from the pub, tell tehm that you have broken down and as it is England first match the tow truck will be a bit late, so feel free to start with out you! Then buy Jesus a pint!

Not sure if that is any help!

Carla said...

Jesus would be watching football, no contest! xc