Monday, May 22, 2006

Well done Watford

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So Watford earned promotion yesterday. To the Premiership. I would, as a Luton supporter, like to say congratulations to them. Well done. I extend the hand of grace and peace to you lovely yellow supporters.

This post has NOTHING to do with the fact my blog is now open to scrutiny from the very nice people in the Bishop's Advisory office. Nothing at all.


Joe said...


Dave Heath said...

grrrrrr indeed!

but it does mean that next season, watford will be going down and luton will be going up!!

Paul Windo said...

As the happiest man in Luton today, I would like to say thanks for the lovely (not to mention extremely gracious) gesture

If it is any consolation, us Watford fans sung considerably less anti-Luton songs than I have come to expect. Probably cos we didn't sing that many songs at all actually. Here's to a Watford-Luton derby in 2007/8's Premiership...

Bhushan said...

Hello there,so Watford winning promotion this year.i hope the football season next time around is exciting.i personally know nothing much about english football since they show it limited here.but i hope the promotion doesnt become a nightmare for any club with players,officials and directors fighting for the money it generates.
my humble and warmest wishes to every football fan around.