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On The Run...

erm.. I know that I'm a bit of a lazy oaf right now but are all my friends ganging up on me?

First on MSN- Friday I think.. Rach " I just went for a run.."

Then Sunday- Luce "I went for a run yesterday"

Then I just check Michael's blog and yes: HE'S BEEN FOR RUN!!!

I KNOW FOLKS!! I KNOW I NEED TO EXERCISE!! THERE IS NO NEED TO RUB IT IN!! (I know my response should be to go and do a half marathon but given that wlaking up stairs makes my heart feel like its being crushed I may leave it.. ) bloomin gloaters..


rach said…
Yep, we had a "lets go running to make Jude feel bad" conference.


Would it make you feel better if I said now "I went for a run on Friday and my back and shoulders still ache today"?
jude said…
Errr.. sorry. Was just feeling a little sorry for myself..
andy m said…
i really think exercise is overrated, and your response to all these people should be:

"you fools! how can pained exertion possibly be good for you!? look at your noisy wheezing and silly red faces! - and I bet you no longer appreciate the glories of cake, either!"

those of us who do no exercise should be confident in our moral superiority and not be oppressed by those who deliberately go out to look and sound ridiculous, all for the sake of "health".
we all know good health is achieved by a good diet - a proper balance of sweet (cake, chocolate etc) and savoury (courgette perhaps), balancing out those negative calories with positive ones... (making chocolate courgette cake totally calorie neutral, for example).
Pet Geek said…
A friend of mine recently reminded me of this quote:

"Jogging is for people who aren't intelligent enough to watch breakfast television" - Victoria Wood

If you don't fancy jogging, play frisbee instead. It's far more sociable!
Kate John said…
feeling bad too. just filled out a health questionairre attached to a job application that made you circle the number of hours you exercise a day that makes you out of breath. was forced to circle "less than 1" and felt like i should be on some reality show called "FAT CLUB: The 20-Somethings"
Where do these people find the time to exercise??? I don't know about anyone else but I work 8 hours a day, travel 2, and the rest of the time I'm eating, pooing or washing...

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