Friday, May 26, 2006

Tell Me What You Are For!

Anyone who has been a Luton teenager in the last twelve years will recognise the phrase, "what's that? What's it for?". Curtis' 'little green man' story, has a refrain that belies a childlike curiosity that I wish we had more of.

I'm a bit grumpy this morning- my teaching appears to have been cancelled. I'm tired (having gotten up and looked smart for 7.15). I made the mistake of reading email early in the morning and getting offended.

But in spite, or maybe because of that, I have this thought just drifting round my head. "What are you for?"

I get to hear a lot of opinions. I know I have a lot of opinions. But if I count them up, so so many of then are about what we are against. A horrible number in my circles are against "church". Some have better reasons than others. Some have no reason at all. Some of us are against corporations, against big government, against prophecy, against unprophecy. The thought culminated as I sat listening to someone speak on the weekend: railing against.. and I saw something of myself in that. If I think about it I know a lot about what people I know are against.

But do I know what people are FOR? What am I for? When people look at things I am involved in, do they know what it is for?

Or just what it is against.

Thinking about it, I think Jesus only decsribed himself as "I am", in the positive. He showed us in the most part what he is for. Oh that I would be more like him.


benj said...

With a post like that, I'm for your blog.
Very uplifting first thing in the morning ;-)

toggers said...

In 'Complex Christ', Kester Brewin makes the wonderful statement... "my relationship with God is useless". It is *for* nothing. It just is. God loves me. Purpose spills out of it, but doesn't define or describe it in any way. I like that.

Linda-Joy said...

that's good jude - I think one of the great benefits of being involved with the body of christ (church) is being challenged to grow and change - through difficulties I experience relating to other parts of the body (and they to me), having friends who want me to grow, encourage and rebuke me, the incredible people I've had an oportunity to meet and work out my journey with...not everything is bad about church. I guess I get a bit miserable about it when there is politics and everyone is being really nasty and not very holy - that sucks