Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why I LOVE youthwork!

SO i'm a little tired. Meals without lots of clatter and bustle seem strange. Yes.. I'm at the ened of a week of work with 11-14 year olds, known as Ignite! And oh my- I had a ball. I honestly don't think I've been as alive for about two years! I love working with young people. They are savvy and honest, and up for it, and bold, and a bit silly, and, and, and.

I love working in a team- and we had a great one!

I love communicating- so two preaches and a seminar in six days was ace! (and told the whole Bible story in 14 minutes 22 seconds with props, and actions!)

I love reflecting God in creative ways.. which is why once again we spent two days setting up a thirty minute fun event for the teenagers! This time it was SNOW!!!! Oh my.. such such fun!!

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gill said...

was so awesome to hear you went to ignite jude, and really cool to read up about what you thought! last years was awesome too, and sounds like this years was just as good!! hope ur well xxx