Thursday, June 23, 2005

Culchar and Cambridge

Kate and I hit the old stomping ground last night. It was May Week in Cambridge, and it was very lovely to be back. Let me outline some highlights..
- the beautiful weather, even warm through a second highlight
- student theatre in the gardens, in Queens cloister court to be precise... Much Ado, put on by BATS.
- sitting by the river watching the world meander by
- hearing the screams of the uninitiatied falling off punts
- it was Magdelene May Ball night: lots of white tie and evening dresses. Can we make a law to make all gentlemen wear white tie. Its very pretty!

All in all a very pleasant respite in a funny week. Very glad I don't live there any more but very nice to visit and remember that life can be that simple and joyous..

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