Friday, October 12, 2007

Wedding weekend!

Just a quick one. in three hours I'm heading off to Luton: first trip back. Its wedding weekend so Ruth and Ash's tomorrow and Ed and Lorraine's on Sunday. Am very excited. And a little nervous. Two preaches- really don't want to sound like I've been at theological college for six weeks (am catching myself talking about the original Greek, which is novel considering I'm learning Hebrew!). Will be very nice to see people (after church Sunday night: can I lead a small unarmed rebellion to a local hostelry?). Or maybe Monday breakfast for you non office based types?

Do pray: For good communication skills both up front and in catching up with people. Am also feeling a tad glandy- pray the voice holds out (oh and hat I look fabulous in shiny new boots!!)


(May post wedding pics here: but given my track record with photos... hmmm)

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