Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wing Detail request..

K, Wing geeks.. I need the episode where Toby and Josh are maybe stranded? and they come up with the idea of the college grant stuff? I wanna say series 6? or maybe 3?

Anyone: I think it will make a great start to an essay on the exile!


andym said...

It's the opening to Season 4 "20 hours in America (parts 1 & 2)". They come up with the college tax plan at the beginning of episode 3 "College Kids"

jude said...

Thank you sir! Anyone at Trinity know if John Bimson is a fan?

Liz H said...

It wouldn't surprise me if John Bimson is a WW fan, but I have no certain knowledge on that. He does, however, have a sense of humour so you may be OK anyway.

I've just been procrastinating and reading some of your older posts. Looking forward to reading more... and yes, Bristol is very wet so you may not be able to work on the waterfront very often.