Friday, May 06, 2011

Democracy.. you decide.

The early signs in this round of elections are pretty clear: The Lib Dems have taken a pounding in England. Its not surprising- students will be voting in numbers and the North would only ever head left again. The results seem to be showing that Conservative Voters are quite happy with the cuts and so are sticking with.

In the big picture polarisation happens from time to time in UK politics. Usually at times of economic hardship. I think the middle will struggle for a few years yet. Which leads me to point 1.

The Labour Party need to start telling me what they are for. Now is the time to start carving out a clear sense of what we are for.. there are a few years to communicate a clear vision. Its all too anonymous right now.

That may explain the success of the SNP. Clear sense of what they will deliver (everything for no pence). I don't follow Scottish politics, but the little I have seen has suggested that the SNP are offering things that you would want to vote for. Simple.

Will Scotland vote for independence? Who knows... I think they are well placed economically to leave now before the oil runs dry and gin becomes the new whisky.

And finally.. about turnout.
Its disappointing that so few vote in local elections. But ultimately only about 10% of local services are funded locally.. do councils really make a difference or does it come down to the quality of local civil servants?

I'm rambling incoherently now so.. I will stop and talk about AV later.

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