Saturday, May 07, 2011

Hopeless Romanticism?

Its day after we said no to AV. I'm not here to gloat. As some of you will know in the last days of the campaign I was wavering, I was perhaps listening to the voices which said this is the only choice you will ever have.

Honest moment: I spoiled my ballot. I hope an honest statement about how I felt about the choice offered.

I still believe AV is not what we need. If we decide we want a more democratically elected government then there are better systems. I still don't think that we as a nation are sure that we really want democratic representation in its truest sense. (I know we don't want real democracy).

However, this morning the pro AV people are very disheartened. They seems to think its all over. People are telling me that this was our only chance for a generation. Well maybe I watch too much West Wing, but I don't believe that. I believe that things can be changed and that when you suffer a defeat you reflect; you work out if this is the fight you still want to have. You get up. And you have another go. The old fashioned term is perseverance.

In my life time (in fact in 18 months during my sixth form years) immovable forces have been moved.. the Berlin Wall fell, and Eastern Europe was transformed, Thatcher resigned.. all things which seemed impossible.

Electoral Reform is on the agenda. Its time for those 30% of people who really care to get up off the mat and start to fight again. The fight needs to be redefined.. lets ask for the system we really want. And lets keep asking. We can make it not go away if those who have been passionate for a few weeks stay just that.

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