Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Not singing!!

I've snapped...

Reasons to Not Sing the National Anthem...
(none of which make you a national security threat)

1 You Don’t Believe in God
.. And so singing asking God to save the Queen is a bit odd.

2 You’ve watched recent Queen’s speeches
.. And so you are fairly convinced that she is saved and that we might do better praying for other people. In fact (as the Queen) you find yourself wondering why people keep praying for you to be saved when you are pretty rested in God's grace.

3 You’ve read the third verse
.. which is fairly abhorrent: even the royal website has dropped them!

4 You didn’t go to a posh school
.. and therefore like a whole generation of people you think you have a terrible singing voice and so don’t really do singing. It seems that people who went to posh schools were indoctrinated that they are wonderful so will sing even if they sound like water draining…

5 You’ve had a crazy few days
.. and so sometimes we all slightly zone out to try and get a bit of head space.. during the hymns is a good moment for many Anglicans (not as good as a sermon but what can you do): so why not..

6 Asking God to save the Queen isn’t really about the nation
.. Its about the queen

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