Monday, September 21, 2015

Controlled disclosure... very quick thoughts...

I’ve been busy during most of #piggate; and lets be honest no-one needs that in their mind for any amount of time. But, its got me thinking. Some have accused Lord Ashcroft of having a go at DC. But perhaps this is part of a larger strategy, to butter us up for whats next in Conservative leadership. If you like its controlled disclosure of what we can expect from the next leader.

Every time we get a two day story about “Dave” as a fairly obnoxious young man it anaesthetises us to and normalises Team Boris. For every day spliff there will be many other Boris bongs.. And the sooner we rationalise them away, because after all Dave is a decent bloke.. the less repelled we will all be when its not Dave at the helm in 2020.

#Piggate needs to not rumble on long. But lets remember that if we roll our eyes and cry “youth” for DC, we have to do it for BJ.. (if you’ll pardon the pun).

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