Thursday, April 09, 2015

What are the Tories Scared of?

Apart from not winning.

I’m intrigued that the debate has swung to Trident today. Its no mistake: there are a raft of events about scrapping Trident coming up next week and they might get some national press. Its the moment where the SNP get to dealign again from the whole UK parties who are all committed to renewing Trident (quite why is a mystery).

It seems to me that that the Tories are trying to position Labour as only being able to win by pairing up with the SNP. Which must mean they are hearing things that suggest Labour might edge it. Its a tad desperate to be going after Labour on defence- maybe they are hearing that the economic safety isn’t winning.

This is getting more interesting by the minute (or it would be if we didn’t have to live with the consequences).

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