Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Wednesday..

There is always a risk when you say publicly that its about the day after, that you may be held to your own ideals. So here is what I will be doing today.

(I know this is a quite an odd choice of picture, but happened to be on my desktop and is better than the cheesy Wednesday cartoon I found).

As some of you may know, the first time I presided (led) at an Anglican communion, a male colleague (now retired) walked out. He didn't do it because I was a women, he did it around a whole host of issues of tradition and lack of communication (which had things to do with me being a woman). That did not stop it being immensely painful, with debilitating consequences for a while.

This morning I will back at that church, presiding at the communion.

I will also get the car MOT'd, have a meeting and do some preparatory work for Christmas services. I will read the ancient texts which remind us all that God's incarnation in this world is always unlikely and fragile and open to ridicule. And I will continue to pray for the church which is my home.

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