Monday, November 19, 2012

Its about what we do on Wednesday

I have drafted several blog posts about the vote around women bishops. I have saved some, deleted others and now with fourteen hours to go before the debate starts this is all I have to say.

Whatever happens tomorrow, it is about what we do on Wednesday.

If the measure does not pass my prayer is that I and the many other women in ordained ministry, will get up and get on with the job which God has given us now. My prayer is that almost universally, those whose authority we serve under, support the idea of women in the episcopate. May that stir us on to further acts of service, in the trust that this will come to pass. In short let us just get straight back on with the job at hand.

If the measure passes then my prayer is that those who feel they cannot accept the episcopal ministry of women will wait. Legislation is fleshed out in its practice not in its words. My prayer is that churches and clergy will wait. My prayer is that they will hold the church to its word, to respect their view and to allow this to work itself out in practice. My prayer is that they too will get on in trust, that this is a body which seeks to honour all. In short I hope they just get straight back on with the job at hand.

Because it is what we do on Wednesday that will ultimately say more to real people in real life, than all we can say and vote in synod tomorrow.

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