Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Four more years..

I'm typing away in an early morning fug: as I watch Barack Obama finish his second victory speech (possibly the best I have heard him speak for ages). Much of Europe is breathing a sigh of relief, and we are right to do that.

But I am relieved on another level. With all that has gone on it is very easy to forget that Obama was elected as the first non white to hold the office of President. In 2008 that symbolism was huge. And had Obama lost last night, the symbolism would have had equal size.

My prayer for Obama this term is that he knows a freedom to fight for what he believes. I pray that he will plough on, and that in ploughing on he will bring people together. My prayer is that as the Republicans regroup and reimagine what their heart is, that people will gather together around issues of justice and equality.

My prayer is that he might lead the US into a brave new world where other nations may share the wealth and power. And I pray that in four years we will do more than breathe a sigh of relief- but we will celebrate a renewed USA.

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