Monday, August 06, 2012

Olympic overengagement?

I am not sure whether it was the moment when I threw my bike* to get through a still just green light, or the moment where I was almost looking for a motorbike to film my overtake on the A65.. but at some point today I realised that I have perhaps over entered into Olympic World.

There are a bunch of worrying signs. Cycling to the gym, before working out is just one. Putting your bike into the rack and then trying to do "transition" quickly is another!

And thats before even getting onto the gym floor. Aside from waiting by each piece of equipment, subliminally thinking a lady dressed like an air hostess would escort you to the next stop on your rotation- there is even more with performance..

I nearly raised my arm at the beginning of my chin up routine. My dismount from the treadmill was solid if not spectacular.. And through all of these things I had Mitch Fenner in my mind commenting on my performance thus far!

When I came to leave I was actually disappointed to not have to go through a mix zone and be asked how I was feeling..

Before you worry I am sure this is just a temporary aberration. The games will end and everyone in the gym will take off their Team GB replica kit (yes there was some and it wasn't me).. and we shall return to our usual madnesses..

*not literally, I pushed the front wheel forward to gain the extra yards..

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