Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Talking About Stuff

I have spent this early morning (when perhaps I should have been training or doing something else) reading a few blog posts and tweets. There have been a couple of good ones today.. talking about why we don't go for exponential growth in churches.. this tweet.. "So many write on principles for successful churches. Hardly ever do they mention intimacy with Christ, dying to self & loving the unlikely." I have a dilemma. I want to write about some of these things. I sort of feel that I have something to say about church with people who aren't like me, or in fact who are not like each other. I want to talk about the difficulty for my ego of having a church which is bursting with potential and yet not quite there yet. But its really hard when the people you are talking about are real. Its really easy to tweet into the ether about loving people who aren't like us until this people are concrete real people with ether unique smells and sounds. Maybe this stuff was easier when all we had was books. Things only got written after a modest amount of time and editing- reflection and space were possible before committing accounts of interaction with real people. In these instant days it feels like there is no appropriate pause. And so I am left with a dilemma, do I say things that might hurt the very people I love, or do I say nothing and leave the writing to those who perhaps don't have the privilege of doing the living?

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