Friday, March 23, 2012

Fixing Alcohol

So: it is to be a minimum price. 40p per unit. In many respects I applaud the Government's attempt to tackle our national preoccupation with pickling ourselves in the name of fun. However, I am interested that this free market loving bunch of politicians, are stepping in as nanny state. Thats a side point in many respects, but does raise this issue of why the government attacks individuals but not corporates. It seems sensible to me that we have to tackle the issue at the point of manufacture. When my dad learned to drink the average alcohol amount in beer was about 3%. Its now 5%. Wine has gotten stronger, vodka is now the base of a whole host of things that are sugary. Why not tax the manufacture of anything outside of a sensible parameter? Beer can be up to 4%, then it gets whacked with a huge manufacturing tax. We have to make it unfeasible to make the alcohol that is killing us. Yes, lets encourage people to cut down, but why make the stuff.. Anyway- I'm done..

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Dave Heath said...

I hear you.
I have the same problem with cigarets...