Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can we please play nicely?

In hindsight one might have seen it coming: a trip to meet the Pope, a week of events in native Wales next week.. Archbishop Rowan has stepped down. By the time he leaves we trust that a viable way forward to women Bishops might be in place. He will leave his successor to continue a difficult and perhaps unnecessary task of holding together a divergent communion. I will be sad that his intellect will not be in this role any more. Magdelene will be all the richer for his warmth.

I must say I was pretty disappointed this morning when BBC Breakfast began to report on the varying degrees of 'lobbying' that the groups within the Church of England have 'already started'. Now clearly journalists dig around and get hold of bits and pieces of quotes- but rumour, conjecture and vying are an awful witness to what needs to be measured, considered and wise.

The appointments process will be muddled by its inevitable mix up with government- please Lord let DC have more on his plate than this. I pray it will not be muddled by factionalism, title tattle and publicity hunting by people who should know better. It is better we say nothing at all than get wrung out by the national press for being political, zealous and just plain bitchy.

Lets pray that whoever succeeds Rowan, even now will be deepening in his resilience and wisdom. May he be protected from the rumour mill and excesses of journalism. And may he know that he is called for this time in this place and exercise his leadership with skill, with humility and with great love.

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