Sunday, February 05, 2012

What I want to write..

Tall Skinny Kiwi posted about his take on Dorothy Day and what she would have brought to the blogosphere: His run down..

Purposes in writing [and blogging] from Dorothy Day:
1. to make known the experiences of the inarticulate
2. to spotlight the cracks in the social system
3. to disclose human suffering so that action might be taken to prevent and alleviate it
4. to discuss and clarify ideas about how to improve the social order
5. to argue on behalf of the ideas of anarchism, voluntary poverty, and pacifism in contrast to prevailing social and cultural preferences for institutionalized expressions of power, materialism and militarism.

Dorothy Day is a bit of a role model for me: so I will take this on board and write in this manner.. I won't be short of material as I blog in a recession only parallel to the 1930's.

Will get down to some proper writing soon: but for now I need to go clear some snow.

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