Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012: what will this year be like?

So I need to put newly pampered fingers to keys to throw out a few thoughts about what 2012 might bring for me and the world.
There won't be much about me: save to say this will be a year where I will be trying to discern what happens post curacy. There are a whole bunch of Yorkshire things I want to do and I am (if I can find my credit card) about to sign up for my second half marathon!

As for the world..

Well- I don't think it will end (but in reality who knows).. I do think it will feel like it might be in various areas of the world. I think there will be some kind of Euro related crisis in June/ July that will foundationally rock our own coalition..

I'm proper excited about the Olympics. I think we will do it well!

So thats my thoughts: at some point I will reflect on this crazy year!

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