Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Poppies, jingoism and the word absurd!

Morning one and all.
Well I am back from holiday and in a particularly shoot from the hip place! So today's topic of tirade is poppy fascism! Its a strong comment but I think its where we have gotten to as a nation. As I tap away many folks are getting in a little tizzy about the fact that England can't wear poppies on their shirts on Saturday.

FIFA is being pilloried as if they had run over the Queen Mother's cat in a hummer whilst playing gangster rap! What FIFA is actually doing is holding to the line that stops Israel celebrating the 1967 land grab, or Iran commemorating its losses in the last thirty years. Or actually more comparatively, it stops there being a Comic Relief shirt, or a Children In Need one.. or some other charity.

Because in our latter day tyranny where one gets stared down if one doesn't wear a poppy, we have forgotten that the Poppy campaign is just that. It is a charity fundraiser. I am not saying that the British Legion is not worthy of raising funds but lets name it for what it is.

As for the pressure that its the patriotic thing to do.. Bobbins! Surely if any of the wars (not the recent commercial ones that make one wonder why Shell and BP are not picking up the tab) tell us anything they tell us that diversity is good, that a range of opinions is helpful, that democracy (remember that back in the day) means you can say no. But we have this blip over poppies. Fail to wear one on telly, at Christian conferences and you are in trouble.. perhaps this is the 'golden rule' that Frankie whassisface broke on X Factor.

That is what is absurd!

David Cameron should make up his mind. If he cares that much about the poppy then properly fund rehab for soldiers who have fought so his rich friends can stay rich. Then the poppy campaign can be what he says it is: a national time to remember. Until then he should shut up and let FIFA keep a boundary that stops sport becoming beholden to yet another set of interests.

Right; rant over. I'm going to prepare a service of remembrance!

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