Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jingoism watch part two

So metal theft is under the spotlight because man of the people Dave, thinks its appalling (thats another of his words, like absurd) that it happens, especially from war memorials.

If Dave and his chums would like to do the sums or look at the data they would discover that acting (and the proposal seems sensible) over war memorials is like punching the guy who looked at your sister while three other women are being held at knifepoint.

One memorial a week for small sums of metal.

Put your hands up if you have had a journey delayed because of metal theft (more than one a week I suspect).

Clergy friends: any of you unable to get insurance because your lead has gone more than three times? Anyone else had a funeral of a metal thief for whom it all went wrong (a colleague took one this week)? Anyone had significant leaks afterwards? Lightning conductors gone?

Schools- how about your gutters?

Anyone lost their phone connection (my parents and 20,000 others for a couple of days following mental theft)

Anyone nearly gone down a drain hole after the cover was stolen? (several cars wrecked in this way I am sure).

But not, lets act because people have taken some metal plaques off a war memorial. Yes its sad, yes it shows a lack of respect, but its about the only crime of this type that doesn't have immediate knock on effects now. We can live on without them- less so, roofing, gutters, cable, drain covers..

It seems in this country that you can only get anything done if you associate it with losses incurred in wars that we really don't know why we fought (all bar WW2 and Korea maybe). And that Dave, man of the people is absurd!

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