Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reasons to be cheerful..

I am sure that all Church of England clergy and officials occasionally find themselves hiding behind their hands as one of our colleagues takes to the screen. In a fast moving media age any one of us could fall foul of a bad few moments on camera- and in reality we have colleagues who don't always share the most 'normal' of views.

And so I have been pleasantly reassured this morning: as one of the clergy from St Paul's (Giles Fraser to name) was interviewed by Sky News. Speaking in normal English, with no pastoral head tilt, Revd Fraser said clearly and concisely that he supported the Occupy protestors right to protest and that he had asked the police to move in from the steps of the Cathedral. Good job sir: the most lavish of cathedrals sitting amidst that most wretched Square Mile, but still speaking for the rest of us. (Westminster Abbey and its golden dome proposals might want to take note.. )

Add to that that all 26 bishops who were present, voted against the hurried NHS bill this week and I might have to retrain my hands to not shield my eyes everytime a collar appears..

That and Rev is back for a second series next month!

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