Saturday, June 18, 2011

What's On My Mind?

Its Saturday: I am in bed. My lovely housemate, in deference to my need for introvert time, brought me some food..

And so fueled up I can tell you about what I'm thinking.

I am pondering how I lead. I am pondering how I keep hold of the eternal truth that God loves me, when the people of God don't appear to. I am pondering what it might look like to get some break through in people understanding boundaries. I have been reading about Paul and his relationship with the errant church in Corinth. None of this is hugely related to each other; but I am struck by my need to keep hold of what God has said and is saying in the midst of it all.

If you are a praying type then all appreciated in that.

I'm thinking about how we fix the pensions and benefits crisis. No solutions yet but I'm only on my first cup of coffee so its just a matter of time.

I'm thinking about how I can get to see some Rory tonight. I'm wondering if its inappropriate that I am fascinated by the wee prodigy.

I'm also thinking about X-Men Origins and when I get to see that and/ or Harry Potter.

And finally: today is a study day. So I should do some of that.


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foodforthought said...

Thanks for sharing. You and I sound similar, especially with our passion for the creative and the introversion. haha. I'm glad to see that others aren't afraid of publicly declaring their faith and the doubts they have of. In my opinion one must seek to grow through Jesus. Again, thanks for sharing and I look forward to growing with you.