Saturday, June 25, 2011

Inner City Running: pros and cons

Most of my running these days is in the inner city. A combination of lack of time, expensive fuel and working across two inner city parishes makes getting out of the area to run is tricky.

This afternoon was one such inner city run: in my shiny new shoes (see above)

It got me thinking about the pros and cons. There are a lot of cons..

The air is pretty rough. I live 200 yards from the ring road, 400 from the M621, under a flight path. The air is pretty dingy and there are moments where the lungs struggle.
The pavements can be a tad hazardous: pizza, sick, cans, dog poo..
People don't get out of the way as you run- just doesn't occur to them.
Fat people who deliberately obstruct your path. I know that probably sounds mean: but I speak as a former obese person.. and I can say that there have been several times where large people have walked into my path. Just rude!
Shouted insults- I think I was invited to slap someone's manhood today but I had headphones in so..
There are a lot of Greggs to run past. Pie never smelled so good.
Cars, on pavements, driving a bit crazy.
Buses.. say no more.
Its also 2.5 miles to a big bit of greenspace, which means you look a bit rough before you get to the trot around space.

If I run in the estate people cheer and say hello.
Its a great way to get round the parish.
It makes you appreciate the green space when you get there.
Its not muddy.
You are faster than most people around, and in fact faster than the traffic at times.
You get to run past iconic bits and pieces (if the Billy Bremner statue counts)
There are a lot of Greggs to run past!
If your lungs can do inner city they can do anything.
Puke dodging is great for core strength training.
And finally: a celebratory whippy only costs £1 in the inner city!


Kathey, David, and Josh said...

Keep up the running!

alamedero said...

"Puke dodging is great for core strength training."

This is the best thing I've ever read on this blog!!!