Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Wing Fans Always Knew..

So a new report has come out suggesting that those who watch the West Wing are more likely to achieve in life. They suggest that those who have watched all seven series are more able to make crucial decisions in high pressure environments.

I guess it makes sense: the whole walking and talking at the same time thing, talking fast, making decisions that change the world. According to the report the programme should be recommended for business and military leaders as 'sharpening'. The flip side is that apparently they can be left open to delusions of grandeur and can in fact be a bit naive..

Whichever way.. I feel thats permission to watch!


Alana said...

Does this mean that rewatching can count as professional development??

Joe said...

Interesting concept. How do the shows you watch shape you? The Wire, The Simpson's, Dawson's Creek, Dogtagnan?

Jude said...

Whilst the date stamp may have let me down I hate to tell you lovely people that that was my very own little April Fools for you..

Carla said...

Wow - suddenly all those hours as a couch potato make me feel high powered :)

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