Saturday, March 19, 2011

For God so...

Preaching on the most quoted, worn, waved at sports matches verse of Scripture is a little bit of a challenge. I have waited.. no I'll be honest.. I have procrastinated until I now have 24 hours til delivering said sermon.

But it occurs to me this morning that I often find myself in a situation which helps me to engage. Last night I was on my way back from a wee run when I heard, 'oooh look at those sexy legs' (I was wearing shorts). It was followed by 'that church is haunted'. At which point I took a bit more notice of the voices emerging out of the darkness.

The gospel passage this week is about Nicodemus, a man of influence who comes to Jesus with questions. My encounter last night was with the most influential group of young men in the estate. They influence, in the main through intimidation. But last night, from fear they had questions.

The conversation ended with them asking about me blessing them and their beads and so on. They are looking for answers out of their fear.

I'm part excited about the encounter- not that the fellas are troubled, but that God may be at work here. My prayer is that somehow tomorrow (I said I would meet them after the morning service) I will be allowed to both challenge and encourage, to bless and to see God meet these young men. And I pray that they will know this God that loves them.

And now I shall stop procrastinating and write a sermon!

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