Thursday, December 23, 2010

There was no room at the inn..

This happy little typo is stuck to the front door of a local house here. As I delivered Christmas publicity the other day I was in part amused and in part intimidated by the sign. These things are often accompanied by a large hound waiting to eat anything that dare to venture beyond the rubber seal of the letter box.

As I've reflected on the last few days, and as I caught the last episode of the BBC Nativity, its all hit home a bit harder. When Mary and Joseph sought somewhere to stay this was the response they got. The BBC producers and directors have hit on something in their sense that Mary and Joseph were too scandalous to receive welcome.

And so as John pens; the light had come into the world but the world could not receive Him. Arriving in scandal and misunderstanding the Christ child is told to, well I refer you to the picture.

This Christmas, Christ comes to us, still mired with the controversies of those who bear Him into the world. My prayer is that somehow He may be made welcome.

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Carla said...

That was the only episode I caught of the BBCs nativity and I was struck by the same thing. I'd always assumed the over crowding of Jerusalem made it hard to find a place and left it at that. The scandal of Mary's pregnancy brought the whole thing home to me afresh. Hope you're well honey. Happy New Year!