Friday, November 26, 2010

AV: My twopennethworth..

Given that I will be so caught up in Royal Wedding joy (sense the irony) nearer the event, I thought I would chuck in my thoughts on AV now..

I'm anti.

It seems to me that AV gives an excuse to not reform constituency boundaries which is something which the country needs. It still bases an entire system on constituency MP's, which whilst honourable is actually somehow unworkable.. (its very difficult to be a good constituency MP if you have Government duties: not impossible.. my MP does it but its hard).

However my fundamental objection to AV is that its a validation of the notion that we should the least repulsive. Ultimately in AV the middle wins. It becomes safe and dull.. In any kind of tight race it will be the the person who gets most second choices who will win.

And that is a triumph of mediocrity.

I don't think it bodes well.. I could refer to the era when the Church of England was run by the second choices, second sons who were safe and all that.. We still bear the consequences. SO lets not do that with politics.

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