Monday, April 05, 2010

Stones Rolled Away*

* joke originally cracked by the very witty MJ Knight.

This post is mainly because a few people have asked how I have done the weight losing thing. I'm not sure this is wholly comprehensive but its a few thoughts.

Three stone in 20 weeks! Thats about 2.1 pounds a week, around about a kilo. It sounds dramatic but the weight loss has been pretty steady. Its mainly been achieved by upping my metabolic rate, so that I am burning calories more quickly and more consistently.

Thats been achieved by:
1 Eating within half an hour of waking up each morning. So eating a small breakfast before getting in the shower.
2 Eating little and often, so more like five or six small meals than two or three big ones. Supplementing that with fruit or veg snacks so that I eat about every two to three hours.
3 Exercise. Only really three sessions a week of about an hour each.

I think that accounts for some of the weight loss but there have also been diet changes.
1 I cut out sugar in all hot drinks
2 No biscuits at meetings (important in this job)
3 Wherever possible having a wholewheat option rather than a white carbs option.
4 Eating fewer carbohydrates as the day goes on (so having none in an evening meal if its after 6pm).
5 Lots of chicken and fish.
6 Losing the sauce, less mayo, ketchup, butter (but have butter not rubbish marg)

And in terms of shaping: well thats where the exercise has really kicked in. Top tips:
1 20 minutes of cardio vascular work is apparently a good fat burner.
2 eat lots of protein to help with muscle soreness
3 kettlebells are horrible but work every muscle (including the ones you never knew you had)
4 I have had the blessing of a trainer- costly but so very worth it. Failing that have someone who encourages you through the pain barriers..

I think thats about it!

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