Friday, April 02, 2010

Have I made it?

The answer is.. not yet. All the component parts are there. I have kept the diet, I have exercised. But the scales have not yet declared it. I have been a pound off. I have been a pound and a half off.

Its interesting journeying through Holy Week this week. As I write I have just completed my Easter Sunday sermon. I know that Sunday is coming. But Friday is here. The die has been cast, the decisions made. We just wait and watch as the agony of Good Friday piles on. Will we make it through? Must the dream die before resurrection can come?

My thoughts are fuddled because I am in danger of making too much of this weight loss thing. But it genuinely has been the place where God has spoken to me in the last four months. Sunday is coming. I hope I can declare that it has happened. But if not I know that I live somehow in the hope and reality of something bigger than my trivial pursuits.

p.s. Will post some of my Holy Week sermons here..

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