Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dealing with disappointment

For the last few weeks the bathroom scales have been being a bit dicey. One moment has been seven pounds heavier than the next. So, rightly, a new set of scales were bought. And they tell some nasty and uncomfortable truth.

I may not have lost two and a half stone yet. I might have done by the morning: but today I haven't.

I am gutted. I know its a bit pathetic- but its made me wonder if I can do this. I have been training and keeping most of the good eating.. but its all slowed. Its hard to even articulate what this has done to my head. BUT on the good front I haven't eaten chocolate to get over it.. nor have I starved myself.

Tomorrow I go back to my trainer and we work more on getting some weight off. I still have Easter as my target.. maybe more humbly than previously..

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