Friday, February 05, 2010

A brief Catch Up...

Back to writing about me: which draws less flak!

I have had a little break over the last few days. On Friday I drove to Bristol to hang out with the very lovely Ducker family. It was really good to catch up with folk- and to hear some stories of intentional community in places where I have been!

Saturday was graduation day! A tad pompous but again lovely to see some folk and catch up with friends from Trinity. Spent the afternoon in the pub. Saturday was also my birthday- and for the first time in ages it was preceded by a pretty trauma free January! Happy days indeed.

Then it was down to Devon. Three days of chilled out dog walking, hair cutting, jeans buying and novel reading. In hindsight three days is not quite long enough to really wind down: mental note to self about how I do holidays!

Wednesday- good meeting to talk about pioneering back in Bristol, then the four hour drive to get back for a meeting. Which was cancelled due to snow! (tad annoying but there we go).

And so I am back. As I write I feel a bit daunted by the task ahead. There are some things which I need to change- I feel like I am scratching around for my own spirituality here.. I feel like I need to rediscover it in a bit more fulness before the next phase of stuff! Thats what I am praying for.

And now to the news we've all been waiting for... well despite beer and other bad eating I appear to have dropped another few pounds. Three pounds to the next BIG target! I'm hoping to get there before Lent starts... (well actually I am hoping to get there before the end of the weekend but I doubt that will happen!)..

More soon!!!

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Joe said...

Interesting-ly, on your last post there was something similar in The Week (I'm not suggesting plagiarism, it was THAT similar) basically saying the same thing from a Conservative perspective: That selling off council housing was one of the party's biggest mistakes. Interesting that this lends a certain cross-party consensus. I can't remember where the original article was from but possibly the Torygraph. Notwithstanding, of course, that there have been plenty of all parties getting things very wrong...