Tuesday, January 12, 2010


First goal achieved. My BMI has dropped below a magic number placing me precariously into the overweight category. Which is hardly an achievement to be proud of- but it kind of is..

At the gym today I was training with a kettlebell that weighed pretty much what I had just lost- wow! It feels like quite a lot when its in a metal ball as opposed to on my body!

Anyway I am going to stop going on about this- I'm not trying to gloat about weight loss, I think mainly I want to go on the journey openly so I can't start scoffing cream cakes on the quiet. So, lovely readers I will keep chuntering on about training and stuff.

Next goal- the half way point. Three pounds to go!


Dave Heath said...

Woo! Go Jude! It is nice to hear success stories.

jeff said...

Well done Jude :-)
yeah I'm blogging my runs for the same reason.

What's your next target?

Vicar said...

three pounds til I am half way to goal.. thats a stone and half gone!