Saturday, January 23, 2010

The halfway mark!

Well I made it! I am half way to my weight loss goal.

On Thursday I stepped with trepidation onto the scales and there it was. It had taken the whole week (it felt like the whole week) to get there, but a stone and a half has gone. That, it turns out, is a jeans size!

Am I feeling healthier? Sort of: I'm pretty tired and so need a break that its hard to tell right now. But I move better and feel stronger: and I'm starting to plan my next big challenge...

In weight loss terms its 6 pounds to the next milestone. Then another pound until I am two stone in!

And its at that stage (during Lent) that it gets serious for the last push.

The other challenge: the Dales Way, 70 miles in four days (though could I do it in three?).. am thinking just after Easter!

Bring it on!

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Carla said...

Wow - well done honey. You seem to be doing this at an amazing rate seeing as we've only just left Christmas behind :)