Monday, January 04, 2010

Diet and Fitness: the update

Well, I have been doing this diet thing for maybe seven or eight weeks now. And there are some results: I have lost about 15lbs, and feel decided fitter already.

Exercise took a blow over Christmas- and isn't helped by ice everywhere- but we fight on, and I might even invest in some more personal training sessions!

I am a third of the way there- which is the first milestone made- I wanted to lose a stone by Christmas and have made it. The next targets are:
to no longer be obese on the BMI- maybe one or two pounds away
to get to the half way mark- six pounds away
to make the two thirds marker by Ash Wednesday
to break a magic pounds marker (as yet to be disclosed but a wee way to go)

Its going to get harder from here on in. I think stone two will go via exercise- stone three will take a more radical diet I think.. all the low fat that I can manage!

But I am very up for the challenge...


Carla said...

Well done honey, it takes strength of mind to change lifestyle... I totally suck at it. Allow me to salute you and cheer you on for the next stage :)

Karen said...

Keep going Jude! You are doing brilliantly!