Saturday, January 09, 2010

All Slowing Down...

I'm going to blame the snow: its probably not all its fault but it is a convenient scapegoat and given that it will be blamed for poor exam results, a slower economic recovery and a poor England World Cup performance, I think it can cope with my woes too.

I think basically I have slowed down: everything seems to have- I have so little motivation right now. I can't even make myself feel creative, tis most strange. Weight loss has kind of ground to a halt. Thats just plain disappointing though may be the Christmas not so much dieting coming back to haunt.

And I'm a bit sick- just a cold I think, but made working out yesterday feel really tough..

But on the plus side I did work out- I boxed (and oh my can I feel that today!), and did some proper caveman type exercises with logs and stuff.. hopefully will reap some results!

If you are a pray-er though, do pray that I get some motivation back.. cos its tough just now..

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