Saturday, November 21, 2009

Training session 1

So I had my first training session with the personal trainer yesterday: and all things considered, pretty good...

We started with a fitness test: a 3000 metre row. It took me just over 15 minutes. Not bad considering: though blatantly want to be able to do it first in 15 minutes flat and then eventually in under twelve.

Then it was squats, lunges and some weights. My body was proper feeling it by the end of the day but was all good.

More bizarre was the lovely scales in the gym clocking me as having lost 13lb (if only).. But the wii has me having lost 2lb plus a little bit more this morning.

I am beginning to feel the lack of caffeine and carbs today though.. but we fight on.

Today's exercise was cleaning- an hour of it! All good..

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