Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'Diet' Day 1...

This 'dieting' business (which is actually about eating fewer calories not some weird only eat food beginning with z thing.. are there any foods that begin with z?) is quite hard with this job..

I must self congratulate first.. I have had no sugar in coffee and have had no biscuits cake or crisps.. or chocolate.

BUT- on a visit I was made homemade Italian sauce from a homemade lovely Italian lady.. with an ENORMOUS plate of pasta (white carbs bad..)

and- having not quite made it to a meeting, David and I went to the local and the locals MADE us (really) drink beer.. It was very lovely- but not quite the calories cutting.

So.. not bad.. but need to plan things somehow..


Liz H said...


I think that's it. Quite a dull diet.

Karen said...


Anyway, you'll get there! Half pints and small plates... Maybe see you friday.