Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things I want to blog about..

I want to blog about

The politicisation of the military: how its going to get worse before the election and how when its happened in the past its not been good for anyone.

About the debate about the Catholic church where an Archbishop got whopped. I want to comment that if you want to debate about the church being a force for good then you shouldn't invited people from the top of the institution. Institution is rarely a force for good but people who, in spite of that, are faithful and follow the example of Christ probably are.

About how life feels like its changed and I feel like I am uncontrollably losing touch with people: and how I don't quite know how to get that back and whether its my fault or I should expect more grace from friends.

About how I am preferring X Factor to Strictly this year.

About how I really want to recruit a team to this place: about how I feel God is up to something.

I would so love to say more but I have to do reading for my MA course which starts on Saturday (I am a dufus for doing it but hey!).

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jeff said...

I feel the same about the debate, except I couldn't quite articulate it.

I also feel the same about keeping in touch. :-( I'm going to start commenting more on your blog as i do read it.

That's well exciting about building a team. very exciting. Where are you beginning?